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Anyone wondering about who Bottomland is, and what their music has to say, need look no further than "Feet of Clay." The band's first disk is filled with life.

As The Washington Post's Mike Joyce said in his July 16th, 1999 review, " Bottomland is an apt name for a group that brings in the funk on the ground level, reveling in polyrhythmic percussion and percolating bass lines. Hovering over the earthy grooves (or sometimes punctuating them) is a colorful weave of sounds -- flute, trumpet, keyboards, guitars, fiddle and, best of all, singer Amikaeyla Gaston's sinuous voice, sultry and spirited by turns."

Part of the magic of Bottomland is its range and diversity. With four principal songwriters and every bandmember a contributor, the music is always fresh. "Feet of Clay's" 11 songs range from soulful jazz to fast-paced funk.

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Feet of Clay: The Songs

1. High In The Music 4:58
2. Breakwater 5:57
3. Midnight Blue 7:49
4. Prelude 1:38
5. And In 4:05
6. Ah Jua 5:43
7. Feet of Clay 4:37
8. You Always Come to Mind 7:40
9. To Earth For The Music 5:07
10. It's In The Air 4:41
11. Sunlight Underwater 8:35

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